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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does a remote control have a battery?
A. Yes and it should be replaced when ever you notice a decrease in range.

Q. When I buy a new remote control will my old one still work?
A. Yes, you will still be able to use your old remote along with your new one.

Q. Are remote controls repairable?
A. In most situations the circuit boards are not repairable with any long-term success. However, the outer casing and batteries are easily replaced with new ones if the manufacturer offers replacements.

Q. If I have don't have any remotes for my system can I still get some?
A. This depends on the make of the alarm or immobiliser, call us on 0870 892 1727.

Q. Can I program my remote or do I have to go to a Dealer?
A. Yes, in most cases all you have to do is follow the easy step-by-step instructions. Any programming that requires going to the dealer will be clearly noted on the product page.

Q. Can several remotes be combined on to one remote?
A. Sometimes this is possible. Please contact us on 0870 892 1727 and we will discuss your specific needs.

Q. If one of my old remotes were stolen can the code be changed to prevent the stolen remote from working?
A. Depending upon your system this can usually accomplished.

Q. What is the Brain, Control Module, Main Module or Reciever?
A. All of these names are synonymous and mean the same thing. They are the names of the Alarms or keyless entry main module.

Q. Where can I locate the Brain, Control Module, Main Module or Reciever?
A. The most common place this component is installed is under the dash board on the drivers side. Other not so common locations are behind the glove box or behind the clocks.

Q. What is a Valet/Override Switch?
A. A Valet /Override is either a push button or a toggle switch used to override the alarm system manually when a remote control is not operating. On many systems the valet/override switch is also used to program a new remote.

Q. Where is my valet switch located?
A. The most common location for the valet/override switch to be installed is under the drivers side dash board. Some other not so common locations are in the glove box or fusebox.

Q. What is a LED light?
A. The LED is a light. Many alarm systems have a light mounted somewhere in the vehicle to give the operator a visual indicator for what mode the system is in. The term LED is an acronym for light emitting diode.

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